Mold Workshop Indonesia

Some thoughts about mold

1. What Is Good Mold?

Fast, Durable, Accurate, and Easy to Maintain

2. How To Make A Good Mold

Is it Steel? Technicalian? Designer? High-end machinery?

Mold is a team work. Every worker at each step of the mold making process is critical to produce a good mold. No one can make agood mold by himself

3. Why Are There big differences in mold cost

Our mold is made by teamwork

4. What is the best mold

The "best" mold is a mold that is most suitable for your need. Either under-quality or over-quality is unqualified.

3. How to build the "Best" mold for you?

We need to know Cavity number, Mold life expectation, Tolerance and Material.

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